One Of My Last Posts!!

Remember my first ever blog post! If you start reading from the very bottom you will realize that my writing has changed… A LOT! It started off with my All About Me and then my Tall House post… When I started blogging, I thought that I was going to talk about horses. That’s it. But then I realized that it wouldn’t be possible because my teacher would force us to write assignments. Honestly, those weren’t my favorites!

I didn’t only have assignments, I wrote about personal things and obviously… HORSES!

I think you now know more about me because my blog is who I am.

My favorite post is . It was very popular. I think what attracted my readers was the title and the picture (which I changed). It was my first humongous post and I was proud of myself. My parents read it and my mom started to cry! That is when I knew that my writing had improved.

I think what makes a good blog is attracting titles, your own picture and creativity. I can’t say I followed all of those rules but I tried to. I have a couple of images that I took. I find that all my titles are good. Some of them are really good and some of them aren’t.

I definitely regret not putting as much of my pictures on my blog. I think the reason is that the first time I tried saving the picture on my USB key it was really hard and it managed not to be saved so I learned not to depend on my own picture because I knew that something like that can happen.

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I Love Playdoh!!!!!!!!

3757135606_c6f057da1f_bPlaydoh! OH my goodness! Playdoh is the best thing ever! I know you probably think I’m crazy because I am a 12-year-old kid that still likes Playdoh but who ever said there was an age limit?

Speaking of loving Playdoh, I recently made some! I know right! I was freaking out too! I was like; I can’t believe I made this… PLAYDOH!!!

I was at my friend’s house and we decided to make Playdoh. Mine worked out perfectly but hers didn’t work out as expected. I think it was partially my fault because I stole all the flour. Hers became sticky and mine just was perfect. I chose green for the color and my friend chose purple but it didn’t look like purple! Continue reading

Dreams + Work= Success

untitledWhat is success? Is it an accomplishment? Is it a bad thing? How do you get success?

To me, success is achieving something big like getting into a good high school. It is also overcoming challenges. I’ve always been very nervous when it came to important exams. I’m very nervous for the end of the year exams but I know that I will get through it. So that will be a big challenge for me to overcome. Success reminds me of the book called Out Of My Mind. The main character is paralysed and the whole book talks about her adventure through life. In the end of the book, something special happens to her. That is success. Continue reading

Reading Is Not My Specialty

pexels-photo-46274Reading is not my specialty. Seriously.

It might have seemed like it when I wrote a whole bunch of reading posts but that was because I was forced too.

If I had the choice to clean or read I would obviously pick… Reading… Even if those are both the things I hate the most!

The books I hate the most are the kind of books that are EXTREMELY cheesy. I do not like cheesiness (I feel like people are going to find I’m peaky after reading this post). Continue reading

3 Places I would Bring Tourists To!



Today I will be talking about 3 places that I would bring tourists to.

There are many places in Quebec that any country has but there is a couple that people from other countries have never seen.

The first place that I would bring them is: La Ronde. What is that? That’s a huge amusement park that is held on an Island. Some roller coaters are on top of the water! It’s so scary! It’s also a great place to get away. Continue reading

I’m Able to Put In Widgets!

technology-785742_960_720Hey! I’m so happy because I’m able to put in widgets now! Thanks to my teacher of course.

I have two new widgets on my front page. Make sure to go check them out. 😉

I have a flag counter and a world clock widget! So exciting I know!

I wasn’t very good on computers until I got this blog and now I’m able to put widgets! Who would of known! Continue reading